Passenger Traffic Performance Improves at Velana International Aiport

Velana International Airport reveals passenger traffic statistics until the end of August since the border opened from 15 July. The airport reports a steady increase in passenger traffic.

International arrivals during the period include 2,890 in July and 11,186 in August. This is an increase of 287% or 8296 arrivals. However, the increase in local arrivals was lower; 1954 in July and 3282 in August.

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The departures also show a positive trend, with 4106 international departures in July and 14045 in August. Local departures stood at 2,555 during July and 3,438 during the month of August.

Air traffic movements in international travel increased from 196 in July to 432 in August. In domestic travel, numbers increased from 191 to 326 in August.

After consistent measures in their fight against COVID-19, Velana International Airport (VIA) has received the much-awaited “Airport Health Accreditation” by Airport Council International (ACI).

Velana International Airport is the 2nd airport in the Asia Pacific Region to receive the ACI Airport  Health Accreditation. The certification was awarded by a special letter sent to CEO&MD Mr.  Gordon Stewart by ACI World’s Director General Mr. Luis Felipe de Oliveira on 31st August 2020.

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