Personal Computers Opens Acer Concept Store in Malé City

Personal Computers has launched an Acer Concept Store in Malé City. This new store offers a range of Acer products to the public. In an even more significant development, the company is introducing an extended warranty pack that now includes coverage for theft and accidental damages.

Personal Computers CEO Moosa Aswan spoke to reporters at the store’s inauguration, expressing the company’s pride in introducing an international brand to the Maldives. He acknowledged the challenges presented by the country’s small population but saw this as a significant achievement.

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The Acer Concept Store is designed to cater to all age groups, offering technical advice and support from Acer staff. Aswan emphasised the importance of selecting safe and appropriate devices, even for school children.

Personal Computers stated that the store would provide service on par with Acer stores worldwide, including after-sale support. The company plans to expand its after-sale services to assist customers with various needs, such as tracking stolen devices and providing temporary Acer product usage in case of property damage.

Acer, Inc., a Taiwan-based multinational specialising in hardware and electronic technology, is making its mark in the Maldives with this launch. In an official statement, Personal Computers noted that this represents a significant technological advancement in the Maldives.

The Acer Concept Store in Malé City aims to offer a broad range of Acer products and services to the public, making it a convenient destination for technology enthusiasts in the Maldives.

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