Personas, simply put, are personalities that an individual embodies. An individual might inhabit both positive and negative personas, but the key is to develop a good blend of personalities. Following are the personas that could kill a career, according to Lolly Daskal, President and CEO, Lead From Within.

  1. Uncertain persona

An individual experiences a frequent state of conflicting reactions, beliefs, or feelings toward people and experiences. It is important to learn these reactions and overcome internally and foster more welcoming persona.

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2. Negative persona

Pessimistic mindset often makes the wrong decisions and cynicism. Developing a habit to employ positive thinking is the key to win-win solution.

3. Procrastinator persona

It is both toxic to an individual as well as the organization. Though a project meets its deadline, it could not be the best work of an employee. To break this bad habit, an individual can break the projects down into smaller tasks and follow a schedule.

4. Entitled persona

People often believe they deserve special privileges or treatment, that the rules shouldn’t apply to them, or maybe that they are above others. Entitled persona, therefore, destroys likeability to develop relationships that are crucial to success.

5. Victim persona

Individuals hesitate to accept their involvement causing a problem, instead blames colleagues and refuse to accept responsibilities. This is the core of victimhood. A sense of responsibility and accountability rectifies this problem.

6. Narcissist persona

A person believes taking extreme measures for success is critical at the expense of other individuals. They are only concerned with personal goals or achievements. Narcissist persona will alienate people from groups and relationships. Knowing the reality and accepting the fact that oneself is neither better nor worse than fellow colleague is fundamental.

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