Petrol and Diesel Sheds are Permitted to operate for 24 hours

FSM Petrol shed near STELCO

Petrol and Diesel Sheds are permitted to operate for 24 hours where the fuel shed of Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM), FSM Easyfill 1 near STELCO operates for 24 hours a day since 4th December.

FSM stated that the fuel shed near STELCO will operate for 24 hours to provide convenience to the public in obtaining the service which was decided with the instructions of the parent company, State Trading Organisation (STO). FSM currently operates three petrol sheds in Male’ while having other sheds in Hulhumale’, Addu city, Fuvahmulah and G.Dh. Thinadhoo.

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Ministry of Economic Development has amended the regulations of imports where the Petrol and Diesel sheds were previously allowed to operate from early morning 5 am to 12 am at midnight while the new amendment to the regulation permits all petrol and diesel sheds to operate for 24 hours. 

While Petrol and Diesel sheds are allowed to operate for 24 hours, other businesses such as cafe’s, restaurants and shops are to be allowed to operate for 24 hours as one of the pledges of the new government which is not yet decided and hence the ministry has also allowed the public to offer their opinions regarding the regulation. 

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