Pick Maldives set to release a photobook in ITB Berlin Fair 2018

Source: Sun.mv

Pick Maldives will be releasing “Pick Maldives Picture Story Book”, a photo book designed to promote and market Maldives Tourism worldwide. This photobook will be launched during ITB Berlin fair which will be held from March 7 – 11, 2018.

Pick Maldives will be partnering with Public Service Media (PSM) for this photobook. An agreement was signed between the two organizations with Founder Mr Riayath Abdul Majeed signing on behalf of Pick Maldives and Rector E-Commerce and Marketing Mr Ibrahim Nasreen signing on behalf of PSM.

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Pick Maldives will also be sending this photobook to famous social bloggers from around the world. For this, the company signed an agreement with DHL courier services in a ceremony held at PSM on October 23. Once again founder Mr Riayath signed on behalf of Pick Maldives while General Manager Mr Mohamed Jihad signed on behalf of DHL.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Riayath stated that together with DHL, the photobook will be sent over to influential people in different parts of the world. He further added that DHL is the number 1 courier services right now and it will be able to add value to the efforts made on marketing through the photobook.

Mr Jihad highlighted that Maldives is a tourism-oriented country and that DHL has connections to 230 countries, meaning 2500 destinations, which will allow DHL to do the distribution in a most constructive manner.

Speaking of the Pick Maldives: photobook, Mr Riayath said that the photobook will consist of photo and tourist feedback on partnering resorts and that the feedback will be published in 4 languages.

The photobook will be made up of scenic pictures of Maldivian natural landscapes and review from tourists on Maldives as a destination. Pick Maldives will be releasing this book in 20 countries.

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