Pizza Buona Asks to Share Your #MomentsWithBuona

Pizza Buona has launched a photography contest from July 20 to August 5 2019.

To take part, customers are required to share photos of submarines and pizzas at Pizza Buona with the hashtag #MomentsWithBuona on a public account.

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In addition, the participants should also have liked the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages of Pizza Buona.

Winners will be chosen based on the number of likes received by their posts.

The individual whose post gets the highest amount of likes shall receive MVR8000 and a voucher of MVR2000.

The second place winner would be awarded with a cash prize of MVR4000 and a voucher of MVR1000.

The winner of third place is set to receive MVR2000 and a voucher of MVR500.

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