Pizza Buona opens outlet in Hulhumale

Photo: Avas

The number of food and beverages establishments in Hulhumale has rapidly increased upon the opening of the Sinamale’ Bridge. Pizza Buona has also joined the tribe by opening their first dine-in outlet with delivery services in Hulhumale.

Located on Nirolhu Magu Lot 18, Pizza Buona is expected to satisfy a lot of customers as it was the requests of many, to start delivery in Hulhumale. The outlet will seat 30 customers at any given time and is designed. The rates are also expected to be the same as that of the outlet in Male. 

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Speaking about the design of the dine-in place, an official from Pizza Buona stated that the place was designed to cater to groups of people as well. “We have an air-conditioned indoor dine-in area as well as outdoor area, so that families can also come with kids and enjoy their time here”, explained the official. 

The outlet in Hulhumale will serve all the items on the menu served in Male’ as well, including pizzas, submarines and drinks. Pizza Buona Hulhumale will introduce pastries and cakes in the near future. Hulhumale customers can call 3359779 to place their deliveries.

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