Planning Ministry Reveals Socio-Economic Insights from RTL Ferry Service Survey in Zone 1

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has recently published the findings of the socio-economic impact study conducted on the Raajje Transport Link (RTL) ferry service within Zone 1, which includes HA, Hdh, and SH Atoll.

According to the survey’s results, a significant majority, accounting for 93% of respondents, believe that RTL ferry ticket prices are reasonably priced and accessible. Conversely, 7% expressed disagreement with this assessment, considering RTL tickets to be less affordable and accessible.

The study also revealed that a substantial proportion of travellers, approximately 68%, used the RTL ferry service for healthcare-related purposes. This category encompasses visits to healthcare providers, addressing specific health needs, and obtaining laboratory services. The second most common reason for travel was to access the airport and to visit family and friends.

The survey also revealed that a significant 59% of respondents reported being highly satisfied with the quality of RTL ferry services. However, a notable 8% expressed dissatisfaction with the booking process.

Over the past three months, an overwhelming majority of respondents, constituting 83%, utilised the RTL ferry service for travel within Zone 1. Within this group, a significant portion, specifically 74%, travelled to HDh. Kulhudhuffushi, while HA. Dhidhoo was the second highest travelled island. Additionally, atoll capitals and islands with airports were among the frequently visited locations.

The survey demonstrated that the most preferred mode of transportation within the zone during the last three months was the RTL ferry service, with 83% of respondents utilising it. Private speed ferries ranked as the second most used transportation mode but with a substantially lower usage rate of only 12%.

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