Planning Ministry seeking Indian Company for Male’-Thilafushi Bridge Construction – Akram

Ministry of Planning has announced that the bridge that will be linking Male’ with Vilimale’, Gulhifaru, and Thilafushi will be built by an Indian company.

In the ceremony held to commence the marine geophysical survey that will be conducted before the construction of the bridge, State Minister of Planning Ministry Mr. Akram Kamaaludhin has revealed that since this project is funded by a loan from India, they will be working with an Indian state-owned company to built this bridge. He further said that they have been already working on the pre-qualification process in India to choose a company to work with.

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He also highlighted that they have started discussions with the Indian government regarding the project, but they haven’t finalized the final cost for the project yet.

The marine geophysical survey was assigned to a Netherlands company called Fugro.

Greater Male’ Connectivity – Male’ to Thilafushi link project is one of the priority projects of the government.

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