Plaza Maldives Expands Portfolio with Fragrance World Distribution Deal

Plaza Incense has secured exclusive distribution rights for Fragrance World and its associated brands in the Maldives.

The wholesale and retail store reveals that the agreement grants Plaza Incense the sole authority to distribute Fragrance World’s esteemed brands, including Fragrance World itself, French Avenue, Essencia De Flores, and Athoor al Alam, throughout the Maldives.

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Retailers and businesses interested in stocking Fragrance World brands can contact the Plaza Maldives’ customer service hotline at 9778800 to facilitate wholesale inquiries and orders.

Situated on Rahdhebai Magu in Male City, Plaza Incense is also the distributor for other international fragrance brands such as Rasasi, Rayhaan, Azha, Ahsan, Dicora, Pearlie White, and Goli.

Fragrance World was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has a reputation for providing high-quality, long-lasting perfumes at affordable prices.

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