Pre-entry Negative PCR Certificate Required to Submit to Maldives Immigrations

Effective from 10th September 2020, all tourists and other visitors (travelling for short-term and or, for official purposes and are not subjected to 14 days quarantine) are required to have a certificate of negative pre-entry PCR test result for COVID-19, issued not more than 72 hours prior to departure to Maldives, counting from the first port of embarkation en route to the Maldives.

The PCR certificate should bear the name and address of the laboratory that performed the testing, result of the test, date of testing as well as name and signature of the issuing officer.

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However, the following travellers are exempted from pre-arrival PCR test requirements;

1. Citizens of Maldives

2. Valid Employment Approval or Work Visa holders

3. Holders of any other resident permit of Maldives

4. Flight crew arriving on General Declaration

5. Infants aged less than 1 year

Additionally, in reference to the guidelines provided by related government authorities, possession of a PCR negative test result does not preclude the authorities subjecting such passengers to screening or any other surveillance measures at the points of entry.

The negative PCR result has to be submitted to Maldives Immigration via IMUGA ( while filling the Traveler Health Declaration.

For Traveler Health Declaration form:

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