President Announces a New National-Level Award for Lengthy National Service

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced his decision to confer a new national-level award, in recognition of individuals who have served the nation for 35 or more years.

Speaking on the topic at the cabinet meeting held yesterday afternoon at the President’s Office, he stated that the award will be conferred beginning Independence Day this year. President Solih noted that there are presently many individuals who had served and continue to serve the nation for many years on end and that their services should be publicly recognized and celebrated at a national scale.

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From this year on, individuals who had served the nation for 35 years or more shall be presented with an award equivalent to a National Award of Honour, reliant upon the criteria assigned by the National Awards Committee, stated the President.

In addition, he further decided that the criteria for the award will later be shared with the Ministries and other government institutions for their comments.

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