President Announces Details of Improved Pay Framework for Health Sector, Effective 1st May

As previously announced in the 2023 Presidential Address, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has disclosed the details of the new pay framework for health sector employees, which will come into effect tomorrow. He announced the details in a special video message broadcast on Sunday morning.

In his message, the President detailed some of the revisions made to the wages of health sector employees. He stated that a senior registered nurse previously earning MVR20,459 as total pay, will now earn MVR29,271 without overtime pay whereas a specialist nurse will now earn MVR41,976. A senior medical officer will earn an average monthly pay of MVR41,541 without overtime and a subspecialist consultant with the highest grade will now earn MVR98,137 without overtime pay.

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President Solih relayed that the government has also brought revisions to social service sector employees, including psychologists, councillors, and social workers, effective tomorrow. He further stated that the employees who have not received the 35 percent allowance working in government ministries will start receiving the 35 percent allowance effective tomorrow as well.

The President also stated that the government has decided to start providing an internship allowance for students who pursue medical and dental internships and introduce a scholarship loan program to equip Maldivians in areas of the health sector previously lacking Maldivian representation.

President Solih disclosed that these salary changes and 35 percent allowance for staff in all government ministries would benefit a total of 9,838 employees and cost MVR 482 Million annually. He expressed hope that these improvements will lead to greater service and incentivise more Maldivians to join the health sector workforce.

The President concluded his message by stating that relevant ministries would provide additional information on the adjustments made to salary structure at a news conference later this evening.

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