President Announces Key Developmental Projects in Fuvahmulah City

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Friday announced several key developmental projects to be launched in Fuvahmulah City. The announcement was made at the ‘Maahefun’, a special traditional feast celebrating the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, hosted by the President and the First Lady.

The President and First Lady Fazna Ahmed were accompanied at the gathering by Vice President Faisal Naseem. President Solih thanked the island community for the wholehearted welcome they had received upon their arrival.

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Speaking to the residents of Fuvahmulah City gathered for the feast, the President assured that the administration would fulfil the developmental pledges made to the residents of Fuvahmulah City during the Presidential election, the People’s Majlis election and the local council election campaigns. Elaborating the details of developmental activities planned for Fuvahmulah City, President Solih stated that the city council had proposed an expansion for the city’s airport and said that the administration would consider the proposal after conducting a technical survey to determine the extent to which the airport could be expanded. He further revealed plans to resolve the housing shortages in the community, by announcing the construction of 200 housing units in the city, in addition to the 200 housing unit project that is currently in the tendering stage. The President then revealed that, as a continuation of the first phase of road construction in the city, a second phase of road construction would commence which would extend the road by 10 kilometres.

The President stated that the new 50-bed hospital to be developed in Fuvahmulah City would offer specialty services for children and women. He had also highlighted the plans to contract the harbour survey work to the company that had previously constructed the harbour in Fuvahmulah City. President Solih had disclosed the latest information regarding key developmental projects intended to alleviate the difficulties faced the people, including resolving issues raised by fishers, plans to develop a public swimming pool, and divulged details of other projects that are currently underway in the city.

In his speech, the President reiterated that administration would seek counsel from the people and implement its developmental initiatives to better serve the people. Highlighting that Fuvahmulah City is a designated biosphere reserve, the President said that all developmental initiatives in the city would align with the administration’s commitment to protect the natural environment and ensuring sustainability for future generations.

At the gathering, Vice President Faisal Naseem emphasized the government’s continuous efforts in nurturing youth to improve the social fabric of the nation, especially in the education sector.

The President’s visit to Fuvahmulah City is part of the President and the First Lady’s ongoing four-day tour of Fuvahmulah and Addu Cities. They are accompanied on the visit by Cabinet ministers and senior government officials.

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