President Attends Virtual Independence Day Reception for Diplomats and Delivers Remarks

‎Every year the Maldives welcomes diplomats to take part in an Independence Day Reception. The annual event symbolizes our commitment to strengthen international ties. This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maldives is continuing this tradition virtually. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, to take part in this year’s virtual Independence Day Reception for diplomats and deliver remarks.

President Solih acknowledged that this year’s Independence Day – which occurred on the 26th of July – fell during extraordinary times. The world is still feeling the effects of the virus and the Maldives is no exception. COVID-19 threatens to undo the socio-economic strides we have made since independence and has forced us to make difficult decisions, including closing our borders for months, despite our heavy reliance on tourism.

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The President expressed that early and comprehensive government interventions have enabled the Maldives to enter the recovery stage. He stated that the support and goodwill of the international community remain vital to the Maldives’ national resilience efforts. He stressed in particular that the Maldives needs visitors to reinvigorate our tourism industry, and highlighted the many precautions the Maldives has implemented in our self-contained island-resorts, to prioritize the safety of our guests.

Reiterating the promise he made in his inaugural address, the President pledged to keep working with the international community to solve global issues, including recovering from COVID-19 and solving climate change. He emphasized that while the Maldives cherishes its independence we equally value being a contributing member of the global community. Ending his remarks, the President expressed his hope that all the dignitaries virtually present at the reception, can be soon welcomed on the Maldives’ beautiful shores.

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