President Calls for Unified Efforts of All in National Development

In his message to the nation on the occasion of the New Year 2022, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih called for the unified engagement of the nation in the country’s developmental efforts. In the message, the President stated that development would be swifter with the engagement and participation of all, and urged the nation to make it a part of their priority.

In his message, the President extended warm greetings and earnest felicitations to the nation on the occasion and wished them a year blessed with joy and good fortune. He described the past year as one that brought us hope in overcoming the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and expressed his gratitude for the patience and solidarity displayed by the people with the administration’s steps to combat the pandemic.

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On this note, President Solih called on the nation to stand steadfast with the administration’s national resilience and recovery plans and, highlighting the progress made in those efforts, urged concerted efforts and vigilance towards maintaining the measures to stop the spread of the virus.

The President also shed light on the administration’s efforts to ensure fundamental public services for the entire nation and expressed his confidence in completing a number of essential infrastructure development projects this year. He then described the New Year as one that would bring ease and prosperity with the completion of numerous ongoing developmental projects and one that would see the inception of many more new projects.

Concluding the message, President Solih called for maintaining national unity and harmony, without which the full potential and benefits of the administration’s developmental plans would not be realised.

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