President concludes visit to Laamu Atoll

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has concluded his visit to Laamu Atoll and returned to Malé. During the 2-day visit to Haddhunmathi Atoll, the President visited Gan, Hithadhoo and Fonadhoo Islands.

In Gan Island, President Solih met with local council members and representatives of State bodies and inquired about the challenges faced in dispensing their duties and responsibilities. Some of the concerns raised during the meeting related to social housing, road maintenance, and interests of the local farmers. The President also visited the Agricultural Centre in Gan.

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President Solih’s next stop was Hithadhoo Island, where he sat down with the island’s Councillors and representatives of State institutions. During the meeting held in the afternoon, the Councillors and representatives briefed the President on the challenges and most persistent issues faced by the community. Some of the matters discussed include concerns over lack of sufficient utility services, delay in road maintenance and concerns of the island’s fisher community.

The President also officiated the function held to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of Laamu Hithadhoo Health Centre. In his remarks, President Solih stated that major healthcare concerns could be avoided and public health improved with more comprehensive and inclusive social awareness.

He further highlighted the mounting problem of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), protecting and improving public health, the Administration’s holistic approach to all-inclusive and accessible healthcare, ongoing health sector development plans including development of five tertiary hospitals and the recently ratified amendment to the Decentralisation Act.

President Solih also traveled to Fonadhoo Island where he met with the island’s council and representatives of State bodies. Discussions during the meeting were focussed on the need for utility services at the recently allocated land area for housing development, waste management, improving public transport and renovation of the school.

During the visit to the Atoll, the President also met with the local fisher community and heard their concerns. Some of the concerns raised by the fishermen include challenges in acquiring ice, selling prices of fish, problems in using the ‘Fahi Hakatha’ application and banking difficulties.

The President concluded his visit to Laamu Atoll and returned to Malé this morning.

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