President conveys felicitations on the occasion of the Islamic New Year 1441

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih conveyed felicitations on the occasion of the Islamic New Year 1441.

The President noted that the Islamic New Year reminds us all of the auspicious events of Hijrah, of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). He also stated that the Hijrah itself is a huge Islamic sacrifice made by our Islamic ancestors.

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In his message, President Solih said that as we say goodbye to a calendar year and welcome another new one, it is a wonderful opportunity to look back, learn from past mistakes and renew commitments to strive for a better future. He also said that the most significant message conveyed through Hijrah incident is to remain steadfast against violence and injustice.

The President also highlighted that the Hijrah taught us the important lesson of standing up against injustice and tyranny. He added that the incident reflects on the importance of remaining steadfast at the forefront of the fight against injustice, protecting human dignity and the significance of human rights advocacy.

The President stressed that the occasion calls for revitalized efforts in restoring individual and brotherly bonds and unite and strive for the benefit of the nation.

The President made the remarks in his message published on the auspicious occasion of the Islamic New Year 1441. In his message, the President also conveyed warm greetings and sincere good wishes to the people of the Maldives, to the Governments and the brotherly people of the Muslim Ummah.

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