President Delivers General Debate Statement at UNGA 76

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has delivered his general debate statement at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

In his address, President Solih thanked the global leaders for their support and trust in allowing a Maldivian to assume the prestigious office, referring to the election of Maldives’ Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid as the President of UNGA 76. He stated that, despite being comparatively small, the Maldives has shown its prowess in the global community and said that this has been an honour that all Maldivians can partake in. The President noted that the Maldives may be small in size, however, Maldivians are big in our rich culture and heritage, expressed that this is a great honour for our nation.

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The President also noted how humanity is at the centre of all UN principles and reiterated the UN’s role in addressing injustices, inequalities and peacekeeping across the globe. He described the UN as hope for a world devoid of the ugliness of wars and famine; hope for equality of all peoples to prevail; hope for justice, human rights, self-determination and democracy to reign supreme; the hope of a world where people oppressed under the yoke of colonial rule and other forms of oppression were rendered free; hope that we preserve our planet, its resources, ecosystems and wonders for generations yet to be born.

President Solih also underscored the urgency of the climate crisis in his address, stating that the Maldives’ is determined to not passively wait on the climate front, citing overwhelming scientific evidence that the climate emergency would be catastrophic to humanity.

This is the second time President Solih is addressing the UNGA. The President had delivered his first general debate statement at the 74th Session of the UNGA, in 2019. The President delivered his remarks on the third speaking slot this year; early slots are rarely accorded to smaller states.

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