President discusses pertinent issues in the construction sector with stakeholders

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has discussed issues relevant in the construction industry with members of the Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI). The meeting was held this afternoon at the President’s Office.

Speaking at the meeting, top officials of MNACI expressed contentment towards the proposed State Budget for 2020, which they noted promises a positive year ahead for the construction industry. They further expressed their satisfaction with the administration’s policies on labor regulations and the transparency of the tender process.

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Discussions at the meeting were also focussed on the challenges faced by construction industry stakeholders, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Some of the concerns raised during the meeting include hardships posed when some foreign contractors work in contradiction with the set rules and regulations, lack of regulations to govern logistics and transportation services in the industry, and financial constraints faced by local companies.

Speaking during the meeting, President Solih inquired ways in which the administration could address the challenges faced by industry stakeholders and stated that the relevant authorities would work with line ministries to alleviate the concerns.

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