President Dr Muizzu Expands Aasandha Coverage with Free Medical Check-ups and IVF Services

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu announced his decision to include routine medical check-ups and IVF services free of charge under the government’s universal healthcare insurance scheme, Aasandha. He announced at a press conference held after today’s Cabinet meeting at the President’s Office.

Reflecting on the three Presidential pledges made by the Administration regarding the Aasandha Scheme, President Dr Muizzu underscored the Administration’s focus on preventive care. He announced the inclusion of medical check-ups as a service under the Aasandha Scheme and the initiation of public awareness campaigns about its benefits. 

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He elaborated that the Government would offer customised packages to cater to the needs of specific age groups. The President further indicated that various disease profiling services would be made available bi-annually under the Aasandha Scheme, subject to the doctor’s recommendation. President Dr Muizzu stated that these measures would significantly mitigate the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions, and foster a healthier lifestyle among the people.

Emphasising the second pledge related to the Aasandha Scheme, President Dr Muizzu underscored his commitment to addressing patients’ financial burdens when opting for higher-standard hospitals while receiving treatment abroad. Highlighting that patients must pay the difference when upgrading their healthcare services, the President revealed that the cost difference would be covered under the Assandha Scheme, alleviating their financial strain. Detailing the specifics, President Dr Muizzu stated that a comprehensive grading mechanism would be in place to evaluate the quality of overseas hospitals that are participants in the Aasandha Scheme. He elaborated that in instances where a patient is referred to a hospital classified within a superior-grade tier, the Aasandha Scheme would absorb the differential cost.

The third commitment linked with the Aasandha Scheme coverage the President mentioned was the incorporation of In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) into the fertility treatments covered under the scheme. The President disclosed plans to amend and officially announce changes to the Aasandha Scheme regulation to include IVF fertility treatment in the list of approved treatments. He further revealed the incoming formulation and subsequent publishing of a policy outlining the coverage for this treatment. At the press conference, President Dr Muizzu also announced the Administration’s decision to establish a dedicated Fertility Care Centre and a dedicated fund supported by the government.

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