President Dr. Muizzu Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Türkiye

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, during his official visit to Türkiye, received courtesy visits from various Turkish ministers, engaging in discussions covering topics from agriculture and education to trade and finance. 

The meetings aimed to explore new collaborative opportunities and strengthen existing partnerships between the Maldives and Türkiye. President Dr. Muizzu, accompanied by First Lady Sajidha Mohamed and a high-level Maldivian delegation, participated in constructive exchanges with Turkish counterparts, underscoring the commitment to deepening bilateral relations.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, İbrahim Yumakli:

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The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Türkiye, İbrahim Yumakli, discussed potential collaborations with President Dr. Muizzu, focusing on fortifying existing partnerships. The emphasis was on boosting bilateral trade in the agriculture and fisheries sectors of the Maldives. The leaders considered implementing training programs tailored to the agricultural industry’s needs, expressing a shared commitment to enhancing the Türkiye-Maldives relationship.

Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya:

During President Dr Muizzu’s official visit, Türkiye’s Minister of Interior, Ali Yerlikaya, paid a courtesy call at the Presidential Guesthouse. Discussions centred on exploring new avenues for cooperation and strengthening partnerships. Gratitude was extended to Türkiye for its continuous support of the Maldives. The talks addressed enhancing cooperation in counter-terrorism and cybersecurity, including providing specialised training for the Maldives civil defence.

Minister of National Education, Yusuf Tekin:

The Minister of National Education of Türkiye, Yusuf Tekin, engaged in discussions with President Dr Muizzu at the Presidential Guesthouse in Ankara. They explored future collaboration in higher education, considering Türkiye as an option for affordable and high-quality education for Maldivians. President Dr. Muizzu and Minister Tekin delved into potential expansions of short-term training programs and scholarships, focusing on key areas such as earth sciences, medicine, child care, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Deputy Minister of Trade, Mustafa Tuzcu:

Deputy Minister of Trade of Türkiye, Mustafa Tuzcu, discussed exploring new cooperation areas, such as tourism, construction, and renewable energy, with President Dr. Muizzu. The talks addressed enhancing bilateral and multilateral partnerships, particularly improving collaboration between Maldivian and Turkish fishermen and fish processing plants. President Muizzu expressed eagerness to deepen commerce and investment cooperation, suggesting an increase in Turkish Airlines flights to leverage the Maldives’ potential as a hub connecting the West to the East.

Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mehmet Şimşek:

The Minister of Treasury and Finance of Türkiye, Mehmet Şimşek, visited President Dr Muizzu at the Presidential Guesthouse in Ankara. Minister Şimşek congratulated President Dr Muizzu on his assumption of office. The President outlined his ambitious plan to strengthen and expand the Maldivian economy, including accelerating the Velana International Airport development project completion, increasing air connectivity, and establishing partnerships in tourism, education, and travel. Both leaders reiterated their commitment to further strengthening the long-standing friendship between the Maldives and Türkiye, reflecting on the diplomatic relations established on May 28, 1979.

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