President meets with Presidential Scholarship winner

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has met with this years’ Presidential Scholarship winner, Al-Hafizah Mazina AbduRaheem, a student from Madhrasathul Arabiyyathul Islamiyya. The meeting was held at the President’s Office.

During the meeting, President Solih congratulated her for her accomplishment and encouraged her to pursue further studies. Al-Hafizah Mazina AbduRaheem began her primary education when she joined the first grade at Madhrasathul Arabiyyathul Islamiyya. She completed Shahadha Saanaviyya at Madhrasathul Arabiyyathul Islamiyya, and achieved top results in Shahadha Saanaviyya exam, obtaining an A+ score in 13 of the 15 subjects and an A score in the other two subjects.

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She secured the best all-round student of 2018 from Madhrasathul Arabiyyathul Islamiyya. While the exceptional score assisted her in securing the Presidential Scholarship, Mazina is also recognized for her numerous achievements in Quran competitions. Mazina won the President’s Medal for completely memorizing the Holy Quran and becoming a Hafizah in 2019.

President Solih presented the scholarship to Mazina at the meeting at the presence of her parents. Mazina has decided to pursue further studies in Usul ad-Din at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

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