President Muizzu Affirms Commitment to Addu City’s Economic Development

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the Addu City Council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) to discuss the region’s ongoing development needs. During the meeting, the President affirmed the government’s commitment to advancing Addu City, with a specific focus on stimulating economic growth.

Council members outlined a range of concerns, including challenges in healthcare services, access to medication, water and power utilities, and port infrastructure. Additionally, they discussed housing, youth sports facilities, employment, land reclamation, road construction, and issues faced by farmers and fishermen.

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The WDC addressed Addu City’s social development needs and current financial constraints. President Muizzu responded by assuring the council that the issues raised would be carefully considered. He emphasized the government’s dedication to Addu City’s economic progress.

The President encouraged the Addu City Council to collaborate with relevant government agencies to find solutions to the specific concerns presented. This demonstrates a commitment to addressing local issues through partnership and proactive engagement between the Addu City leadership and the central government.

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