President Muizzu Announces Infrastructure and Development Plans for Gadhdhoo and Maavarulu

During a visit to Gadhdhoo in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu outlined several major development projects aimed at improving infrastructure, transportation, and services for residents in the region.

Addressing a gathering of citizens, the President pledged to initiate land reclamation efforts to alleviate space constraints on Gadhdhoo. He emphasized that the project has been included in the budget and that relevant government agencies would collaborate to begin the reclamation process promptly.

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President Muizzu highlighted the importance of enhancing regional connectivity, announcing plans for a link road between Gadhdhoo and Maavarulu Airport, located a short 15-minute sea journey away. The President stressed that improved transportation infrastructure is crucial for economic development in the area.

Additionally, the President outlined plans to expand Maavarulu Airport and construct a road connecting the airport island with Gadhdhoo. He also expressed a vision for a significant tourism expansion project in the region.

To improve healthcare accessibility, President Muizzu committed to establishing a hospital on Gadhdhoo. He emphasized that all projects would be tailored to the specific needs of the community. The President underscored the importance of collaboration between local councils, residents, and the government to ensure the successful implementation of these development initiatives.

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