President Muizzu Announces Resort Development Plans for Kelaa Lagoon

During a visit to the Haa Alifu Atoll, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu unveiled plans to develop a tourism resort in the lagoon of Kelaa alongside an initiative to boost agricultural production on the island.

Addressing the residents of Kelaa, the President spoke of the island’s potential for tourism expansion. He announced a major tourism project in the lagoon that is expected to create employment opportunities for local youth.

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Recognizing Kelaa’s established agricultural sector, the President also pledged to implement a program aimed at further developing farming on the island. This aligns with the government’s broader policy to increase local crop production and ensure food security. The President committed to establishing systems that will facilitate the supply of locally produced goods to resorts.

President Muizzu highlighted the government’s focus on expediting previously stalled projects in Kelaa, with a particular emphasis on improving the island’s healthcare infrastructure. Furthermore, he outlined plans for a housing project, the construction of an additional school, and the development of a sports facility for the island’s youth. The President reaffirmed his commitment to these initiatives, which are in line with the government’s goal of enhancing Kelaa’s overall development and well-being.

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