President Muizzu Outlines Ambitious Tourism Plan for Addu City

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has revealed extensive plans to revitalise the tourism sector in Addu City with the introduction of 6,000 new tourism beds. This initiative is a core component of the Addu Asseyri Tourism Development Plan, a comprehensive strategy outlining tourism goals for the region over the next five years.

The President emphasised the government’s ongoing efforts to develop the Addu Bridge and commence operations at Gan International Airport (GIA). Additionally, the government is committed to launching seaplane hubs in the region to enhance connectivity.

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During a recent campaign event in Addu City, President Muizzu reiterated his commitment to fulfilling promises made to the city’s residents. He specifically assured that work on the GIA project would begin this year.

The Addu Asseyri Tourism Development Plan is projected to generate an estimated 10,000 job opportunities for the region. Specific initiatives include the creation of a cultural village, a wellness zone, and the designation of protected areas. Furthermore, the plan proposes the establishment of a hospitality school to support skill development within the tourism sector.

A key milestone in the plan is the reopening of the Shangri-La Villingili Resort, a significant step in bolstering the region’s tourism industry.

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