President Muizzu Reaffirms Commitment to Fishers’ Pledge

In a gathering commemorating Fishermen’s Day, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu reiterated his commitment to a crucial pledge made during his presidential campaign: ensuring that the price per kilogram of fish for local fishermen will not fall below MVR 20.

Known as “Masveringe Gunzaru,” the event allowed local fishermen to voice their concerns directly to the President. Among their primary requests was the appeal not to decrease the price of fish below MVR 20 per kilogram.

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During the meeting, fishers also called for the expedited development of fish weighing facilities in strategic locations, specifically at Meemu Atoll Mulaku and the southern region of Huvadhoo Atoll. The aim is to establish easily accessible weighing facilities nationwide to assist fishers in accurately measuring their catch.

President Muizzu assured the fishers that their concerns would be addressed comprehensively, and he pledged to tackle more immediate matters promptly. He emphasized that the commitments made during his campaign were not empty promises but were made with a genuine intent to fulfil them. 

President Muizzu also highlighted the Administration’s swift action in settling outstanding payments owed to fishermen by the previous government within the first three weeks of taking office. He also mentioned that the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources, in collaboration with the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd (MIFCO) and the Ministry of Finance, is diligently working to disburse the remaining MVR 140 million in pending payments to fishermen.

The meeting, which took place on December 10, 2023, saw the participation of 40 local fishermen.

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