President Nasheed Attends as Chief Guest at BHIS Graduation 2020!

Speaker of Majilis and Former President Nasheed has attended as the Chief Guest at the BHIS Graduation ceremony held on 1st December 2020. This was the first virtual graduation ceremony conducted using a green screen.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Nasheed expressed his congratulations to the graduates and stated that BHIS students are now ready to tackle the world, especially with the dedication that they showed in their studies.

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Despite the short abrupt halt in education due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Maldives, Billabong High International School (BHIS) was the first school to pick up the method of online learning. Moreover, BHIS was the only school who conducted the A ‘level examinations in the Maldives during the pandemic.

“2020 has been a difficult year economically for everyone, especially for students,” said Speaker Nasheed. “But I am greatly pleased to note and thank BHIS for the maximum optimum in education they have showed. They have fully utilized the resources available to provide the best alternative learning experience for the students,” said Nasheed.

Ismail Shaanim, Vice Principal of BHIS, stated that the most challenges were faced by Grade 12 students who had to prepare for their exams and had a significant proportion of their curriculum to be covered during this year.

The school carried out 8-hour classes for 6 days a week for Grade 12 students, to help them cover the modules required for Cambridge A’level examinations.

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