President Nominates Five Members to PCB Board for Parliamentary Approval

The President has nominated five individuals to the Privatization and Corporatisation Board (PCB), with their names forwarded to the State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Committee of Parliament for scrutiny. The nominees are:

  • Hamdi Ageel – President of the Board
  • Hassan Zareer – Expertise in Economics
  • Ahmed Mushtaq – Specialisation in Accounting and Finance
  • Leena Abdul Jaleel – Banking Background
  • Moosa Fathi Adam – Proficiency in Business Administration

Initially formed by the government, the PCB had faced challenges in holding formal meetings due to a lack of quorum. The recent nominations aim to address this issue. Ahmed Nashath was appointed as the last member on Tuesday, bringing the total board strength to six. Vice President Mohamed Firaaz has also been appointed to the board. The nominations are currently under parliamentary consideration.

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