President Plans to Remove Dollar Limit 

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has confirmed ongoing efforts to eliminate the dollar limit on Bank of Maldives cards, a pledge made during his presidential campaign. Currently in Turkey on his first official trip, the President met with Maldivians living in the country on Monday.

During the meeting, concerns were raised by the Maldivian population in Turkey about the dollar limit on Bank of Maldives cards and the difficulties it causes. The President responded by assuring the community that efforts are underway to find a feasible solution to the current restrictions on card usage.

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President Muizzu, who had highlighted the inconveniences caused by the card limit during his presidential campaign, reiterated his promise to address the issue during his presidency. He had outlined a phased approach, beginning with doubling the limit for the first three months, and then completely cancelling the set limits. This, he explained, would be achieved through an increase in dollar circulation in the country.

Another concern raised during the meeting was the absence of a Maldivian Embassy in Turkey. In response, President Muizzu stated that efforts are being undertaken to establish an embassy in the country.

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