President ratifies Fifth Amendment to Constitution

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ratified the Fifth Amendment to the ‘Constitution of the Republic of Maldives’.

The amendment bill was passed by the Parliament on Tuesday, 3rd December 2019, at the 74th sitting of the third session of the People’s Majlis.

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As per the amendment, Article 231 (a) now states that Island Councillors and City Councillors shall be democratically elected by that community with an undisclosed vote and that along with the President of the Atoll Council, other members will also be elected under the Article 231 (b).

Article 231 (b) also now states that Presidents and Mayors of the Islands, Atolls and Cities will be elected with an undisclosed democratic vote. The bill also indicates that these new amendments will be applied in the upcoming council election. With this new amendment, the term of the councils has been set for 5 years.

Upon ratification, the Act has been published in the ‎Government Gazette.‎

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