President Reconstitutes the National Awards Committee

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday reconstituted the National Awards Committee, following the end of its previous term.

Aneesa Ahmed, recipient of the Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin (ODRI)—chairperson of the previous committee—was reappointed as the chairperson. The new appointees are Mohamed Ismail Fulhu; Ibrahim Hussain Manik; Hafeeza Ibrahim; and Ahmed Shujau. Other members who are already on the committee include Ibrahim Ismail Ali, the recipient of the Order of the Dignified Rule of the Muleege Dynasty (ODRMD); Hussain Amir, Secretary, Corporate Services of the President’s Office; Raheema Adam; and Aminath Naaz.

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The National Awards are conferred every year to recognise and encourage the efforts of individuals and organisations that contribute to the development of the nation and the benefit of society. The National Award of Honour and the National Award of Recognition are given as National Awards.

Other mandates of the National Awards Committee include the vetting and selection of recipients for the National Award for Public Service—the most prestigious award conferred by the President on individuals who have served the nation for over 35 years.

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