President Seeks Tourism Revenue Share for Local Councils

Seeking to empower local councils and communities, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to amend laws to grant a direct share of tourism tax revenues to designated councils. The move aims to boost council budgets and decentralize authority within the nation.

President Muizzu emphasized the need for greater autonomy and financial independence for local councils. Currently, tourism-related tax revenues are collected centrally. The proposed amendment would introduce a revenue-sharing mechanism for the tourism industry, a key economic engine for the Maldives. President Muizzu believes this would enable councils to fund local development projects.

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The President also raised concerns about the current limitations faced by women’s development committees, stemming from restrictions under the Decentralization Act. These committees often lack resources and authority, with their activities constrained by council budgets.

President Muizzu expressed his desire to work with Parliament to amend the relevant laws to address these issues and promote wider socio-economic development in the Maldives.

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