President Sends Felicitations on the Occasion of the Islamic New Year

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has addressed the nation on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, marking the beginning of 1442 A.H on the Hijri Calendar. The President prayed and expressed his optimism that the Islamic New Year will bring greater fortune and prosperity to the entire Islamic community, in spite of the challenges we face from the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19.

The President acknowledged that the entire global community is faced with trying circumstances. He remarked that it is our responsibility to learn from our hardships, while also reflecting on years past. He added that Islamic history is replete with examples highlighting the importance of Muslims maintaining their strong communal bonds, stressing that it is only through a collective effort that we can preserve and ensure the progress of our countries and communities. He urged Maldivians to look after their families and to especially attend to the needs of the vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.

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He remarked that like many other countries the Maldives is also suffering the consequences of the pandemic; we confront novel socio-economic obstacles and the pace of our national progress has slowed. The Government will require the help of its citizens in its efforts to build back better, he remarked, while also expressing his firm determination that the Maldives’ post-pandemic future should give much greater roles and responsibilities to women and youth.

The President concluded his remarks with a prayer, in which he asked Almighty Allah to bless the Maldives and the entire Islamic community with progress and prosperity. The President also included all of humanity in his prayers, asking God to protect them from the dangers of Covid-19, and to ensure their good health and well-being.

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