President Solih Invites Investors to Maldives to Explore Business Prospects

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Tuesday, invited Indian entrepreneurs to the Maldives to explore business prospects and assured them of his commitment to facilitate a conducive environment for foreign investments. The President made this remark while addressing the India-Maldives Business Forum in New Delhi, India.

President Solih stated that the Maldives is undergoing a dynamic transition after the Covid-19 pandemic. He said the government intends to build a more resilient, diverse and climate-friendly economy and that a wide range of lucrative investment opportunities are available in the Maldives. He then emphasised the country’s impressive track record of bouncing back from unforeseen hardships, highlighting that the country is to return to pre-pandemic tourist arrival levels in a relatively short period. The President reiterated that India is one of the Maldives’ top tourist arrival markets.

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President Solih also underscored the Maldives’ commitment to sustainable development by highlighting its ventures to transition to renewable energy. He said that protecting the environment and the rich biodiversity was essential to preserving Madivian’s “Jazeera Dhiriulhun,” which has historically been in harmony with nature.

Speaking about the close friendship between the two nations, President Solih said that India has always been a reliable ally and that the Maldives-India partnership is exemplary of the mutual benefits two countries with unique resources and size may garner by supporting the developmental aspirations of each other. The President re-affirmed his administration’s commitment to maintaining close and friendly ties.

The President addressed the India-Maldives Business Forum as part of his four-day visit to India upon invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A high-level Maldivian delegation and Maldivian business leaders are accompanying the President on this trip.

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