President urged Maldivians to unite to resolve societal issues

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has called upon all citizens to embrace the spirit of unity to combat and resolve the most debilitating issues currently being faced by Maldivian society, such as gang violence, substance abuse and religious extremism and radicalization. The President made this statement in his address on the occasion of this year’s National Unity Day.

The official Unity Day function was held in Vilufushi island of Kolhumadulu Atoll. President Solih also officially unveiled the tsunami monument built on the island following his arrival to Vilufushi this morning.

National Unity Day is celebrated in the Maldives to revive the spirit of humanity, kinship and unity displayed by Maldivians in the aftermath of the tragic tsunami of December 26, 2004.

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In his speech, the President shed light on the costs we had to bear in recovering the losses that followed the tragedy of the tsunami 15 years ago, which included the loss of numerous lives, infrastructure, finance and disruption of basic services being provided in the country. Moreover, the President stated that it took several years of effort and hard labour to restore what was lost by the people by the different governments that came into office over the past 15 years.

Speaking in this regard, President Solih highlighted some relief efforts that were conducted and listed out some of the work ongoing on Vilufushi Island, stating that the island was redeveloped with a safe island concept following the total demolition of the island during the 2004 tsunami.

Moreover, the President spoke on the threats of climate change and the grave danger it poses, especially to low-lying island nations like the Maldives. He further elaborated on the importance of staying alert and ready to overcome any natural disasters that occur with a combined effort of the government and the people. 

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