President Urges Students to Study and Research Maldives’ Rich History

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has urged all students to study and research the Maldives’ rich history and heritage, stating that our local culture and history are essential for national welfare. The President spoke at a ceremony held at the President’s Office to unveil the Dhivehi translation of Al-Ghazi Hassan Thaajuddeen’s book “Tarikh Islam Diba Mahal” (translated: Islamic History of the Maldive Islands).

Initially written in Arabic, the book is the earliest surviving history of the Maldives and the first such publication composed by a local historian. Describing the publication as a historical treasure, President Solih remarked that it is also an indispensable trove of information and insight into our country’s long and vibrant background for students and researchers alike. It is a historical record and a cache of valuable life lessons and social insight, he said.

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On studying and researching the country’s history, President Solih asked schools and universities to delve into comprehensive research on our nation’s history and support their students to do the same in partnership with the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy. He highlighted the importance of primary sources in history, which document events as they happen, subsequently giving precedence to secondary sources, an unbiased and accurate retelling of accounts by other historians.

The President also extended his gratitude to all parties involved in translating the book into Dhivehi. Yumna Maumoon, the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, joined the President at the ceremony.

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