Provision of Business Permits Reassigned to Maldives Police Service

People who want to take initial business permits shall request for it through the police portal starting tomorrow (6th June), said Registrar of Companies of Economic Ministry, Mariyam Wisam, in the press conference held to give the latest updates on COVID-19.

She also mentioned the provision of business permits will be arranged through the portal, to the people who previously requested for it from the Economic Ministry.

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Formerly, permissions for service-based business such as shops and delivery services were requested to Male’ Council, although it is now being handled by the police, says Wisam.

She instructs the people whose business permit requests weren’t processed earlier, to share their details with the police.

Business permits can be given to two out of ten employees in an office, and if the number of employees is between ten to thirty, five permits can be given. For a workplace with more than thirty employees, permits can be given to 20% of their workforce. This number may increase according to the type of work done, says Wisam

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