Quarantine Procedure for Resort Employees Changed

A circular publicized by the Ministry of Tourism announced that resort employees are now required to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine period when traveling between resorts, even if the resorts are operated under the same management or company.

Additionally, resort workers are not permitted to work unless they test negative in PCR tests upon completion of the quarantine.

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The new quarantine guidelines are established to battle the increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases being reported in operational resorts.

Up until now, resort workers were not required to quarantine when traveling between resorts under the same management, resulting in the formation of COVID-19 clusters.

The Tourism Ministry also highlights that most of the new cases being reported in resorts are from resort employees and that stricter quarantine protocols would help efforts to resolve the situation.

The ministry also applauds the invaluable efforts of resort and tourist establishment workers despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19. Furthermore, the ministry also highlights that the workers play a critical role in reviving the tourism industry after months of economic struggle.

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