R. Alifushi to Receive Airport and Industrial Zone, Boosting Economic Potential

During his visit to R. Alifushi, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu unveiled significant development initiatives for the island, including the acceleration of the Alifushi Airport project and the establishment of an industrial zone.

Addressing the community, the President pledged to fulfil all government promises to R. Alifushi. He emphasized that the airport project, a top priority for residents, would be expedited to meet their expectations and boost the island’s economic potential.

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“The airport development will be accompanied by further land reclamation to create an industrial zone, enhancing economic opportunities for the community,” the President stated.

The industrial zone aims to promote local income generation and reduce the need to relocate for employment. Additionally, the President announced plans for a modern hospital, a sports complex, waste management facilities, and expanded banking services for R. Alifushi.

The President’s visit also included consultations with the Alifushi Council and the Women’s Development Committee. Renowned for its carpentry tradition, R. Alifushi has a population of over 1,500 across its 58-hectare area.

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