Ras Male Project to be Funded Independently of State Budget

During the “Kan’gathi Awards 2023” ceremony held at Dharubaaruge on Wednesday night, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu assured the Ras Male project will be carried out at no cost to the state.

In his address, President Muizzu emphasized his administration’s commitment to resolving the housing crisis, a primary concern raised during the last presidential election. The project, set to commence within the first 14 weeks of his term, aims to alleviate housing issues by reclaiming new land through the dredging of Fushidhiggaru lagoon. The President promised that the development of Ras Male into a breathtaking, friendly, modern, digital, and smart city would provide a permanent solution to the housing problem.

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President Muizzu also highlighted his plans to visit every island in the country and announced the establishment of a portal on the President’s Office website for citizens to directly convey their grievances, ideas, and hopes. 

The “Kan’gathi Awards 2023”, organized by the Local Government Authority (LGA), celebrated the achievements of city councils, with awards presented to those ranking highest in the Local Council Performance Index. The event also saw the launch of the book “Ranking of Local Councils 2021 to 2022” by President Muizzu.

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