Record-Breaking Day at VIA with Unprecedented Air Traffic Movements

Velana International Airport (VIA), the principal gateway to the Maldives, has achieved an extraordinary milestone in its aviation history. On January 6, 2024, VIA recorded a staggering 925 Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) within a single day, setting a new record for the highest number of airplane movements ever registered at the airport. This remarkable feat eclipses the previous record of 861 ATMs.

The details of the ATMs reveal a diverse array of air traffic, showcasing VIA’s ability to handle a wide range of aviation operations. The movements included 672 seaplane movements, which by themselves set a new record, surpassing the prior record of 659 seaplane movements on January 2, 2024. Additionally, there were 104 international movements, 116 domestic movements, and 33 AD-HOC movements. It’s noteworthy that each take-off and touchdown is counted as an Air Traffic Movement, reflecting the bustling activity at VIA.

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The substantial increase in air traffic is attributed to the concerted efforts of domestic and international airlines, as well as seaplane operators. Their dedication and collaboration have been paramount in achieving this historic milestone.

Ibrahim Thoha, Deputy Managing Director of Maldives Airports Company Ltd, expressed profound gratitude for this accomplishment. “This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved,” he remarked. “We extend our sincere thanks to the airlines and operators for their exceptional support in making this record-breaking day possible.”

This landmark event not only signifies VIA’s capacity for handling high volumes of air traffic but also highlights its role as an essential hub in the aviation sector, connecting the Maldives to the rest of the world. The record-breaking day at Velana International Airport marks a significant chapter in the airport’s history and promises a bright future for aviation in the Maldives.

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