Reethi Beach Resort Appoints Ibrahim Nazleen as Front Office Manager

Reethi Beach Resort has appointed Ibrahim Nazleen as its new Front Office Manager.

A proud Maldivian hailing from the southern Island of Addu, just a couple of minutes below the equator. Nazleen comes on board with almost two decades of hospitality to his name in the Maldivian Archipelago. With his rich background that encompasses Housekeeping, Front Office and Resort Operations, Nazleen is assured to enrich this beautiful oasis to bring out the best in service to the guests at Reethi Beach Resort.

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A tech wizard turned hotelier, he decided to make a life-changing decision decades ago after discovering the wonders of hospitality in the most sought-after destination in the world. Kickstarted as a humble villa attended who transformed into a brilliant yet vibrant leader, leading today’s guest experience journey at Reethi Beach Resort. Nazleen takes pride in his work, and he often takes pleasure in assisting his colleagues across departments, when needed. With a broad mind that’s constantly thinking ways to elevate and curate memorable experiences for the guests, Nazleen is there to attend to it all.

A sought-out hotelier, who believes in working together as a team and hides from the limelight to highlight his team and their efforts make him a true leader at heart. And today Reethi Beach Resort celebrates yet another talent with a soul and passion to encourage team members to rise up and grow alongside him to bring out the best in them.

Though you’d find him as one of the chirpiest of individuals at Reethi Beach Resort, when he takes time for himself, he loves to self-reflect by exploring the natural wonders of the world and work on his artistic side of life, when time permits. Having been bred in the leading-by-example ways, he owes his career success to great leaders in his career for molding him into the individual he is today.

The dedicated travel connoisseurs of Reethi Beach Resort are on hand to tailor the trip of a lifetime for their prospective guests. For more information on Reethi Beach Resort, visit For reservations, please email or call +9606602626.

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