Refrain from one bad habit for a month and experience positive differences

We all have some bad habit people keep telling us to avoid. Whether it be smoking, sleeping too much or even eating too much. Bad habits lead to an unhealthy life and adds stress into our already stressful lives. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to make some positive changes in our lives to live a happier and stress free life. Stress can be scary and could end up endangering your health with diseases such as coronary heart diseases or even a stroke caused by an embolus, which is a particle that travels around your body, getting stuck in your carotid arteries which blocks blood supply to your brain.

Due to this, it is extremely important to give up at least one bad habit to live a less stressful life. For starters, refrain from the habit for at least one month and observe the positive changes it brings about in your life. There is such a thing called the ripple effect. For instance, when you quit smoking or reduce smoking, you are bound to save money, be healthier and hence be happier. Such chain reactions are called the ripple effect.

Say no to smoking
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We as Maldivians are very into the fast food restaurants and eating lots of junk food. I’m sure that most of us, if we have the money, won’t walk in front of Dinemore without going in there and enjoying a submarine. It is irresistible to walk past Dinemore and not eat a submarine. Let us try and avoid eating junk food and eat healthier for a month. It will definitely bring about a change in your lifestyle as you will become healthier and feel more lightweight.

It is extremely difficult to refrain from habits that, while they may be not good for us, make us extremely pleased. Sometimes, what we feel happiest by doing, might not be healthy for you, mentally or even physically. So think carefully and refrain from things that could endanger your health in any way. You will realize that staying away from it makes you happy and healthy.

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