Registration Opens for Covid-19 Vaccine

The government has opened registration for COVID-19 vaccine starting today. The registration can be submitted through an online portal.

A press conference was held by Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) last night, and spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeq states the first registration phase is open for healthcare and social care workers.

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Dr. Nazla clarified that the decision was in line with previously established guidelines. Additionally, the center is unable to pinpoint the exact date the vaccines will be administered.

Dr. Nazla further explains that administering vaccines will commence once people are trained and after carrying out public awareness campaigns. She states that these activities are currently underway.  

“We want to administer vaccines as soon as possible. But rather than rushing the process, we want to do it right.” Dr. Nazla states. “We are currently getting prepared to administer the vaccine, and the sooner we set a date, we will announce it.”

Furthermore, Dr. Nazla details no policy is set in stone for those Maldivians visiting the country after having received the vaccination.

“We have not received any guides for the global community exempting those who have been vaccinated,” claims Dr. Nazla.

Chair of Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, Dr. Ahmed Faisal also states that we have yet to create enough vaccines for all countries and suitable ones for all age groups.

He further explains the second phase of vaccination will be targeted at those suffering from major health complications, and the third phase is set to targeted towards workers providing essential services.  

“When we combine these three groups, it makes up for half of the population of the Maldives,” explained Dr. Faisal.

Dr. Faisal further explains that the vaccine was approved for use after overcoming several stages of tests. Side effects were recorded to occur in rare cases, and it is possible that those side effects did not occur because of the vaccine.

Dr. Nazla builds on that notion and explains that even though the vaccination had passed many stages in its trial, experiencing discomfort and side effects is possible in some cases.

If you have found yourself in those cases, it is essential to report to relevant authorities after verifying that it is a side effect of the vaccine.

Registration for COVID-19 can be done through

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