Registrations Now Open for Ooredoo Drone Race 2023

This exciting first-of-its-kind event is an electrifying addition to this year’s Ooredoo Fun Run. Scheduled for the morning of December 22nd, 2023, in Hulhumale’ Central Park, Ooredoo Drone Race 2023 promises to deliver an unmatched experience for drone enthusiasts.

Ooredoo Drone Race 2023 will be a timed obstacle avoidance and pass-through race. Participants will navigate a challenging course featuring multiple obstacles or gates. Winners in each category will be determined based on the shortest completion time.

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Ooredoo Drone Race features two dynamic categories: Sky Elite (FPV Drones), where pilots aged 16 and above navigate their FPV drones through a challenging course, and Sky Walker category for DJI Non-FPV Drones provided by Stabisys Maldives. Each participant can register for one category only. Participants of the Sky Walker category are required to go through a pre-qualification round to participate in the Ooredoo Drone Race 2023. 

Competitors participating in the Sky Walker and Sky Elite categories of the Ooredoo Drone Race will be honoured with exclusive prizes for their outstanding achievements, recognising the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in this exciting drone challenge.

Sky Elite (FPV Drones) Category:

  • Pilots aged 16 and above.
  • Participants bring their FPV drones and related accessories.
  • Aircraft specifications: Not exceeding 30 cm from motor to motor, flying weight under 800 grams.
  • Goggles must have the capability to output HD video.


  • 1st Prize: DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) 
  • 2nd Prize: 5G AirFibre Device + 3 Months Free Package (1536 GB)
  • 3rd Prize: MVR 2000 Moolee Voucher

Sky Walker (Non-FPV Drones) Category:

  • Pilots aged 12 and above
  • DJI drones will be provided by Stabisys Maldives for the participants of this category. Personal drones are not allowed.
  • To ensure participants possess the minimum required skills, participants of this category are required to participate in the Pre-qualification round. The date and time of the Pre-qualification round will be communicated after the registration is closed. 


  • 1st Prize: DJI Mini 2 SE 
  • 2nd Prize: 5G AirFibre Device + 3 Months Free Package (750GB)
  • 3rd Prize: MVR 1000 Moolee Voucher

Registration for the Ooredoo Drone Race 2023 is now open till 10 December 2023. To register, visit:

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