Research Reflecting a positive view for women employed in Technology

One of the largest travel e-commerce companies, has revealed a research to better understand the continuing gender diversity challenge in technology in its mission to empower people to experience the world. Majority of women feel that their gender positively impacted their career while 77% still believe that they face more challenges than men which impacted their ability to climb the career ladder in tech.

The research revealed that women normally work in the Tech industry as they find it innovative, creative and inspiring while others see it as their dream job allowing them to carve their own path. The following are the main findings of the research:

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Gender bias during recruitment and lack of visible female leaders continue to undermine women’s tech opportunities

Despite the increased opportunities in the tech sector, outlined that about 52% of women are not finding employment due to the sector being dominated by males while a third cannot find jobs due to gender bias during recruitment. Besides, only a few European women feel this way while it varies greatly worldwide.

The optimism and ambition of women seen to become successful in technology and IT field are inspiring with the high potential and aspirations they hold for themselves as said by the CEO of, Mr Gillian Tans.

Hence, the industry has the opportunity to do much more to empower women to succeed in tech industry such as putting forth more female role models, eliminating gender bias right from the recruitment while investing in initiatives to welcome all stages of employment and to put the industry in the spotlight.

The appeal of tech to young women provides significant opportunity to initiate change

The research reveals that the tech industry desires the next generation of talent and continuously outlines the initiative to close the gender gap. Female undergraduates and high school students find Tech to be creative and offers the chance to be successful at a young age while the majority were inspired by their chosen career.

Therefore, more women who are aspired to work can be hired into tech industry and engaged throughout their years of education while removing hurdles to make it easier for them to excel in the field and act as a positive influence for them to have a positive perception.

Bridging the tech gender gap begins with education and parental encouragement

Most influential factors that are affecting women’s career selections include their career choice, learning and education. Majority of women’s career choices are influenced by the skills they learn at school and in higher education.

Women in China and India have more interest in tech-related organisations which is the by the findings that the participation and graduation levels of girls in STEM education are higher in Asian countries compared to the west.

However, proper actions taken early can solve these issues and generate a more balanced workforce in the Technology industry.

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