Reshore Technologies Introduces Sustainable Coastal Erosion Solution

Reshore Technologies has introduced a new technology which effectively fights beach erosions by dissipating wave energy, while capturing sand that is floating in the nearshore waters. The new technologies which Reshore has introduced are Derosion Lattice and Derosion Boat.

Both Derision Lattice and Derosion Boat are made with eco-friendly and highly durable material, which are designed tobe submerged in shallow sea water.

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Derosion Lattice is installed in shallow waters at an angle to sea level, able to reduce wave energy by 30-50%. Once sand volume starts building up, the lattice can be easily reinstalled further out towards the sea.

Derosion Boat is anchored by 5 weights on the ocean floor, and is submerged in shallow waters with only the top layer showing. It will capture sand through 3 separate layers, as it moves freely to accommodate different directions of the wave crashing in.

Both the technologies are easy to install and takedown, making it a very cost-effective solution; once the desired sand volume is achieved, simply remove the structure and the beach can return to its beautiful non-eroded state.

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