Road Development Project in Hoarafushi Island Inaugurated

The road development project in North Thiladunmathi Atoll, Hoarafushi Island has been inaugurated.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony held on Friday morning in Hoarafushi Island, Vice President emphasized that this government will not discriminate in carrying out development projects based on the size and population of the island.

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He stated that, despite the Covid crisis, President Solih prioritized fulfilling his promises in a competent manner. He asserted that as a result of this, the last three years have been extremely successful, with more projects completed than ever before. In this regard, the Vice President remarked that the combined initiatives carried out by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), Fenaka Corporation Limited (Fenaka), and development projects in the educational and health sectors alone are testament to this. He also shed light on the efforts of the state in creating a more productive and resilient youth population.

The Vice President noted that, in contrast to three years ago, this government has protected the people’s right to free expression and instilled peace and harmony in the society.

MTCC will carry out the Hoarafushi Island road construction project, which will include the construction of 11 asphalt paved roads.

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